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Brandedgolfballs-pretoria.co.za specialises in the printing of golfballs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.There are two printing methods Brandedgolfballs-pretoria.co.za uses namely the padprinting method and secondly a full colour inkjet method.

One to Four Colour Padprinting on Golfballs | Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand Area

The padprinting method is the most efficient and cost-saving method, especially when one prints on a large quantity printing order. Brandedgolfballs-pretoria.co.za owns their own padprinter so the printing is done in-house. We print one, two, three, four or full colour. The one to four colour print is spot colour-printed, which means that the ink is mixed generically.

3D-InkJet Printing on Golfballs | Fourways Golfballprinting

We own an Imported Full colour InkJet 3D Golfball Printer and are able to print full colour images, logos and photos direct onto a golfball. Our machine prints 12 Balls simultaneously - saving time and money. You only pay a fraction of the setup fee and quantities are not restricted!










Branded Golfballs Pretoria

BrandedGolfballs.co.za specialises in printing on golfballs. Any logo or photo can be applied onto a golfball. BrandedGolfballs.co.za offers the following services:

  • Corporate logos on balls
  • Personal Messages Printed
  • Charity Logos on Golfballs
  • School Insignia on ball
  • Golf Club Logos Printed
  • Personalised Ball as Gift
  • Golfdays and Tournament
  • Wedding Photos on Balls
  • Famous Golf Quotes Printed
  • 21st Messages Printed
  • Pub Logos






This Month's Special

  • Orders over R1500 less 5% (Print only)

Branding a Golfball

Brand your campaign

Brand any charity or fund raising campaign with a printed golf ball. BrandedGolfballs.co.za prints full colour logos onto golf balls

Clubhouse Golf Balls

Brand your Club's Golf Shop with personalised Golf Balls. BrandedGolfballs.co.za can print any amount from 50 to 10 000.

Personalised Balls

Do you have a Family Crest or a personal logo or tattoo - why not print it onto your set of golfballs?


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Golfballs Facts

Golfball Dimples | From Golfsmith

Dimples or dents on a golfball are important for getting them into the air creating the aerodynamics  for distance. Rev. Dr. Robert Adams Patterson, an keen golfer from St. Andrews, Scotland, invented the gutta-percha ball in 1848 that contained a rubber-like centre of tree syrup from the sapodilla tree.

Logo Golf Balls | From Golfballs101

Bring creativity and uniqueness to your game, by personalising your golf ball with a logo.. These golfballs are in high demand for a number of reasons:

  • Logo golf balls make it easier to distinguish your ball from someone else's and also adds creativity to your equipment.
  • Personalised or customised golf balls make awesome gifts. You can customise a golfball with a name or photo.
  • Customised golfballs are perfect for wedding favours. Golf balls with a picture of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are popular choices when it comes to personalising golf balls.
  • Logo golfballs are ideal as promotional items at conferences or trade shows in order to grab the attention of people walking by.
  • Branded golf balls are also a great idea for charity events. add unique pictures or shapes to the golf ball to ensure an extra willingness of the recipient to donate.